- Grand Eagle Cookware -

Standing at the forefront of Philippine Cookware, Grand Eagle possesses the experience and the superb workmanship skills to give you the finest cookware products made from high grade and safe materials, offered at the most affordable price in the market.

With over 19 years of operations, we are thoroughly experienced in servicing retailers in the mass-market trade and distributors as well as regional discount stores, premiums, food wholesalers, specialty stores, supermarkets and variety.

Our manufacturing excellence gives our customers the advantage to customize their cookware and bakeware products according to their needs, which can be made available to both local and international markets.

Commitment to Excellence

To be the leader in Philippine cookware, with customer-manufacturing, consumer protection, worker safety, and proper stewardship of environmental resources. To ensure that our customers get only the best, we start with the best and adhere to the most stringent quality control standards at every phase of production.

With Grand Eagle, you are assured of getting a superior product and a superior business partner.

We provide on-time product development, better prices, prompt shipments and on-going quality audits to assure conformance with your specifications and 100% satisfaction.

Product Assortment

At Grand Eagle, we combine world-class workmanship and leading-edge technology in all of our processes. Our expertise allows us to offer a broad assortment of top quality products to meet a wide variety of needs - whether it is our high-end direct sales cookware, private level products, or commercial-grade retail cookware.

Product Customization

As a leading supplier of aluminum products, Grand Eagle offers product customizations from concept and design, to marketing, manufacturing and packaging. We bring over 17 years of technical expertise to support your most sophisticated product requirements.

Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance programs begin with the voice of the customer. Customer specifications become an integral part of our inspection standards system.

At Grand Eagle, we perform monthly internal quality audits on packed finished products. We strive for our cross-functional teams to work together to continously improve our manufacturing.